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Heres some screenshots of the engine

  • The Levels Window
Level Window
The Levels Window is used to create game levels and populate them with entities. Moving level objects is as easy as dragging them into place, and it's always possible to tune objects with the properties window. All the basic level creation and editing controls are found here, as well as tools for changing level backgrounds and specifying which parts of a level are made of solid material and which areas consist of empty space (see collision layer).

Tiled level
You can assemble backgrounds out of a patchwork of small images taken from a texture (see TileSet). Tiled backgrounds create a classic old school look, and they consume far less memory. They are great for huge levels because they load very quickly and allow for high performance on a wide range of computers.

  • The Textures Window
Texture Window
The Texture Window is usesd to parameter texture behavior in the engine : mapping, wrapping, clamping...)

  • The Script Window
Script Window
A script causes changes to occur within a level, an entity when certain events occur. For example, when a entity dies, a script might be triggered, causing a door to open. Entering a certain Zone could trigger a routine that makes play a new sound. They are made in .Net langage, so you can use C# or to script he engine.

  • The StringTable Window
StringTable Window
A StringTable stores string identifiers, values, and comments for a single language. Using identifiers from the string tables—which can be translated into additional languages—instead of hard-coded strings helps you globalize your project.

  • The TileSet Window
TileSet Window
A Tile Set is a collection of smaller images called Tiles which have been combined into a single larger image. Tiles can be used for layers in levels to display the map, or as sprite to display entities.

  • The Font Window
Font Window
You need to display some text on the screen ? Use Font so :)

  • The Layout Window
Layout Window
The Layout Window allows you to define screens layout for your game.

  • The Animation Window
Animation Window
The Animation Window contains various controls, including filed with the character set's various animation sequences and frames, image wells displaying the selected frame, and fields for entering numerical properties.

  • The Model Window
Model Window
The Model Window allows to define differents kind of entity model in the engine.

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